My April '18 Market Watch

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A Survival Guide For Spring


    “How’s the market?” The one question I am constantly asked this spring. Well, right now it is a jungle out there. Agents in my office and others are telling of increased showings at open houses, bidding wars, and multiple offers within days, sometimes hours. I experienced it with my two “under contract” listings highlighted on the enclosed flyer.

    So, if you are preparing to jump into the fray, please contact me. I am more than happy to discuss the local market and guide you through the process.

    As a homebuyer, this time of year and competitive environment can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. As you enter into the busiest selling season, here are a few tips for both buyers and sellers that should make the entire process easier.

    Buyers, take time to review your credit score. A sound financial track record and solid credit score may help you lock in a loan at lower interest rates, and look to obtain a mortgage pre-approval, which you will need in this fast-paced selling environment.

    Keep in mind your housing priorities, preferences and desired locations when hunting, and remember your budget. Don’t get caught-up in the emotional drama of bidding, and price yourself higher than you can afford. Of course, work with a sales professional who will guide you through the entire process. A local real estate expert, like myself, with negotiating experience is invaluable when it comes to closing the deal in this market.

    Sellers, while homes are selling faster, you still need to do your homework as well. Do some spring cleaning, painting and sprucing. Be aware that buyers are still looking for a great deal, so ensure that your home is priced accordingly and in good condition. Again, work with a local expert who can advise you on a pricing and marketing strategy. 

    For those sellers sitting on the fence, don’t try to time the market. By the time most sellers sense a shift, it is already done. Focusing instead on your lifestyle needs is usually a better option.

    For survival guidance during this spring selling season for both buyers and sellers, contact me. While the process may be somewhat challenging, I can lead your way.